My Song


In the case you happen to hear my song,
Do not judge the words that I have used.
Some of them may be raunchy and cruel,
I can assure you, they have not been abused.
They find their way in my Lexicon as a result of the tunes that I play.
Sometimes my notes are soft and sweet,
Others with tenor, and lots of bass.
My song is a compilation of many hooks,
instruments and keys.
Alternating from my Piano to Guitar,
A, G, And E ,
my open strings.
In my twenties I played the bongo,
my melody was wild and upbeat.
In My forties more serious about my sound,
The bassoon, and drums move your feet.
All very unique,
In composition,
The strings that I’ve strung,
Over the years.
Some of them you may love,
like your favorite movie,
and some may bring you to tears.
It may not be easy,
To read my music,
Like Calculus,
Some say that it’s frustrating and confusing.
Thus, inspiring
To the mind,
And can find,
a place in their ‘own’ harmonies to use it.
In the case you happen to hear my song,
Do not judge the words,
that have noted off of my tongue.
As it takes ingredients and steps to bake a cake,
….It is just my paradigm for not going unsung.

-Andrea L’Artiste copyright #Life #Poem


Author: Andrea L'Artiste

Author, Artist, Poet, Writer, and Philosopher sharing my personal quotes, poems, and views with you.

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