The way that you are


Black girl,
Love yourself the way that you are.
You don’t need hair weave, fake lashes and butt shots.
Who told you, Your dark skin was not good enough?
So you cover with foundation to brighten it up?
The carbon in your skin is beautiful, you know?
It gives your tone,
That shine,
That glow.
…But They never told you so.
Then You perm your hair,
To kill the Afro.
To disband the blackness,
To stop the growth.
We are perfect the way that we are,
Even those things that we think are flaws.
Our thick lips,
And fat nose,
Large eyes,
Wide waist,
You hate your “Big bones”.
The lighter you are,
The further away from your roots,
This is not a colloquialism,
This is the truth.
You do not realize your power,
I guess so.
Everyone else knows.
Yet the beautiful black woman
wants to change herself,
You are the prototype.
You are built with Strength and Courage.
It all comes so naturally.
Tell me,
Why would you want to alter
Something most women want to be?
Black Woman,
Some like to call us
Mother of the earth,
The next time you look in the mirror,
Remember these words.
Because of ME,
The human is birthed.
Know your worth. -Andrea L’Artiste copyright


Author: Andrea L'Artiste

Author, Artist, Poet, Writer, and Philosopher sharing my personal quotes, poems, and views with you.

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