I decided to write you a little note.
I know,
I’m not the mushy type.
I’m sure this may come as a surprise.
But that night on the sofa,
In November,
I looked into your eyes.
You looked into mine,
We were like
In time.
It felt as if,
We drifted together,
To a place that only granted access
To us.
A place where we could simply
Express our love.
Without saying a word.
In that moment,
I was cleared.
All of my Troubles,
And Worries,
Had all Disappeared.
My mind was at ease,
And My heart,
…was pleased.
In that moment,
I knew,
That I was finally free.
In that moment,
I knew,
There was nowhere,
And with No one else
I wanted to be.
But with you,
Embracing Love.


Author: Andrea L'Artiste

Author, Artist, Poet, Writer, and Philosopher sharing my personal quotes, poems, and views with you.

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