Even when you think I have died, I am just hibernating.
After each sleep,
I will resurface, undoubtedly.
Once the seed has been planted, it is for life.
I cannot be destroyed.
Love, Perennial.
-Andrea L’Artiste copyright 2017


Green eyes


-Green eyes-

I did not tell you to quit,

I did not tell you to stop,

I did not say “Don’t think big”
You chose to give in,
You decided to flop.
Profusely pissed,
I hear your disdainful hiss,
As you watch me climb the top.

You’re angry at me because you gave up and I did not.

Like a lava cone
About to disrupt,
The hate makes you ill,
No Will,
to conceal,
The jealous and envy,
that oozes from your gut.

You’re angry at me because “half empty” you left your cup…

And I chose to fill mine up.

-Andrea L’Artiste copyright 2017

Next to the energy that emanates from the Sun, there is only one real magic. It lies within the visual Artist. When one can take an empty space and create something beautiful, It is not just Art, It’s ‘Magic’-Andrea L’Artiste