-The Fight-


-The Fight-

In a controlled, conformist world,
you cannot become a public eye success,
if you are:
an attractive,
*highly intelligent,
black woman, altogether.
This is too much power and influence,
Illustrating the ‘sensible’ way.
They will try to stop you at any cost.
You can do it,
Just make sure,
you have on your best boxing gloves,
with the thick leather,
and shoes with a nice grip.
Because, constantly,
you will have to “Stick n move”…and set off a few,
Bruce Lee kicks.
But I am a force to be reckoned with,
and you ‘Are’ going to recognize.
Every word that I speak,
stands BOLDLY,
inside of my eyes.
This is a different era,
I am some ‘other’ breed.
There is not a bone of fear,
Or a vein of fright,
Inside of me.
…I’m not goin’ nowhere.
The fight is goin’ down-out-here!
Bring it.-Andrea L’Artiste ๐Ÿ‘Š๐Ÿพ 2017

“When you become a threat, You become a target”

The enslaved mind


The Enslaved mind,
Will escape some day.
It’ll find a hole in the wall,
A crack in the window,
A flaw in the gate.
The enslaved mind does not know it is captured,
It doesn’t feel the invisible chains, the ropes or the shackles.
The bricks that are used as weights to keep it from ascending
Paralyzed, pinned, like a footprint trapped in concrete, cemented.
The enslaved mind, doesn’t see anything wrong.
Everything is right.
The Sunday worship, tithes to the Pastor,
Prayers to its God,
Morning, noon, and night.
Who are you worshipping?
The question asked of curiosity,
Is it the one who cannot, or ‘unwilling’ to prevent atrocities?
But the enslaved mind is incapable of explaining its faith,
Ask it to describe its God, and the response is,
All seeing, All knowing, the one who creates.
The one who blesses me, and wakes me in the morning.
Is it the same one who kills 9 million children each year? (Isaiah 45:7)
Some with cancers, and some with no warning?
Or is it the one you still have not seen?
Not in your home, your car, your church, not even in your dreams.
The enslaved mind will create illusions. It doesn’t realize the real lies, it was programmed to do this. -Andrea L’Artiste copyright


imageMy hips
don’t lie.
They speak the truth,
at all times.
Wrapped up in a fitted dress,
Or Jeans,
That Hug,
The curves,
Of my legs.
Covered in chocolate,
The aphrodisiac of the flavors,
They speak with confidence,
A forbidden,
Second language.
The swing of my hips,
With a big twist,
The connection with my thighs,
In cahoots,
My hips,
Don’t lie…
They speak the truth,
At all times. –ย Andrea L’Artiste

credits to the Artistt of this drawing. Very nice! ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿพ

I will not move

imageI will not get out of my seat.
I’ve worked all day, too.
My feet hurt.
I got here first.
So please do,
Whatever it is that you need to.
Because I will not move.
Who do you think you are?
You’re not better than me.
Call whomever you may,
But when they arrive,

I will be sitting right here,
Guarantee. -Andrea L’Artiste copyright 2014



He is not my Leader,
I am his equal,
We lead together.
He is my King,
But I am his Queen,
I am his co-regent,
Not his subordinate.
He is not the head of the household
We both hold the house,
A helper, a mate, a companion,
All names associated with ‘Spouse’.
We are 2 heads to come up with one answer,
Not his head alone.
I am not his maid,
We ‘make’ for each other.
He sits on his throne,
As I sit on my throne,
…In the same home.
We are equal. -Andrea L’Artiste copyright

My Song


In the case you happen to hear my song,
Do not judge the words that I have used.
Some of them may be raunchy and cruel,
I can assure you, they have not been abused.
They find their way in my Lexicon as a result of the tunes that I play.
Sometimes my notes are soft and sweet,
Others with tenor, and lots of bass.
My song is a compilation of many hooks,
instruments and keys.
Alternating from my Piano to Guitar,
A, G, And E ,
my open strings.
In my twenties I played the bongo,
my melody was wild and upbeat.
In My forties more serious about my sound,
The bassoon, and drums move your feet.
All very unique,
In composition,
The strings that I’ve strung,
Over the years.
Some of them you may love,
like your favorite movie,
and some may bring you to tears.
It may not be easy,
To read my music,
Like Calculus,
Some say that it’s frustrating and confusing.
Thus, inspiring
To the mind,
And can find,
a place in their ‘own’ harmonies to use it.
In the case you happen to hear my song,
Do not judge the words,
that have noted off of my tongue.
As it takes ingredients and steps to bake a cake,
….It is just my paradigm for not going unsung.

-Andrea L’Artiste copyright #Life #Poem